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John Grimes I of England came to the Jamestown Colony in 1636. The names of his parents are unknown. He was one of a company of 24 immigrants who arrived in James City, Virginia, in that year. A few years later, February 21, 1647, Robert Grimes was in Norfolk County, Virginia. John Grimes I married but only her given name is known. Her Christian name or given name was Abigail. When John Grimes I died is not known, but the administration of his estate was given to his widow, Abigail Grimes. 

Robert Grimes I (died 1693) He came to Norfolk County, Virginia on February 21, 1647. Five years after his arrival, he received two patents for land. When Robert Grimes I was born is not known, but he died in 1693 or 1694. His will was proved or probated in this year. Of his wife, no record could be found. In his will he does not mention her; therefore the assumption is that she predeceased him.

James Grimes I (~1680-1750), son of Robert Grimes I and his wife, name unknown.  James Grimes I was born about 1680 or 1685, and was very prominent in Virginia affairs. He is often mentioned in the Virginia records as an appraiser of estates. His wife was named Mary, but her family or maiden name could not be found. The will of James Grimes I may be found in Brief Abstracts of Norfolk County Wills, 1710-1763. On page 246 is the following: James Grimes I of the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River, Norfolk County Virginia, Book I, page 183, dated May 15, 1750; proved or probated 19 July 1750.

Thomas Grimes I (1738-1797), son of James Grimes I and of his wife, Mary Grimes. Thomas Grimes I was born in 1738 and died May 8, 1797. He came from Virginia to Edgecombe County, NC, about the year 1761 and married Chloe Llewellyn of Tyrrell County, NC about the same year.

Thomas Grimes II (1774-1836), son of Thomas Grimes I and wife, Chloe Llewellyn Grimes. Thomas Grimes II was born in 1774 in Edgecombe County, NC and about the year 1800 married Harriet Curry of Edgecombe County, NC

William Grimes II (1813-1902), son of Thomas Grimes II and his wife, Harriet Curry Grimes. William Grimes of Martin County, NC was born March 28, 1813.  He married Sally (Sarah) Rogers of Martin County on January 20, 1845.  She was born March 15, 1820. 


William Grimes II (1813-1902) and Sally (Sarah) Rogers Grimes (1820-1900) were the parents of the following children (and the named family branches cited throughout this website.)

1. Curry Fanny Grimes; born March 15, 1846; married John H. Taylor of Martin County on March 4, 1882; no children.

2. Lucinda Grimes (Roebuck); born January 2, 1848; married William Jesse Roebuck on December 21, 1876; 2 children born between 1877 and 1880.

3. William Thomas Grimes; born August 24, 1854; married Pattie (Mary) Barnhill of on February 25, 1880; 9 children born between 1881 and 1898.

4. James Turner Grimes, born February 23, 1856; married Cornelia Smithwick on February 6, 1879; 6 children born between 1881 and 1896.

5. Stephen Llewellyn Grimes; born October 12, 1858; married Susan Roebuck on January 29, 1881; 9 children born between 1885 and 1905.

6. Sadie (Sarah) Grimes (Ayers); born October 29, 1863; married Robert Bryant Ayers on December 7, 1882; 8 children born between 1883 and 1905.

7. George Grimes, born in 1867; died at six years old in 1873.

photo, grave site of William Grimes II and Harriet Curry Grimes

All information here came from Rufus Grimes's book, The Grimes-Llewellyn Families 1635-1972


(According to Rufus Grimes's research, any descendant of Thomas Grimes I of Edgecombe County, North Carolina may join the National and State Societies of the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution by application, giving a direct and documented line of descent.)


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