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the Grimes (family) tree connection at

Our Grimes Family Directory :

the living descendants of William Grimes II

(1813-1902) and Spouses




June 23, 2012


Lew Grimes (Thomas Llewellyn Grimes)

950 Tender Drive


Apex, NC  27502


The Grimes Family Directory, an address book of the living descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902) and Spouses, was updated immediately after the family reunion on June 24, 2007 and is continuously updated and corrected as information is known to me.  I complied the initial list from the reunion sign-in sheets from 2002, 2003, and 2004.

I recently became aware that in past years Gladys Tice maintained records of both (1) reunion attendees and (2) mailing list (directory).



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 NOTICE  The browser (preview) version may or may not be as current as the PDF version.  I will attempt to update the PDF (Adobe Reader) version in a timely manner; updating the browser version is much more difficult!


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Note: E-mail addresses will be shared with family members, but would not be published on our website. 

Informational Sidebar I had hoped that my role would primarily be compiling, formatting, and sharing information that others had collected.   Also, I would like an alternate with Microsoft Word skills and high-speed Internet. 

 Written changes/updates  by mail or e-mail are preferred.

Using the  format  on the Update Form would be helpful.  Information does not need be on the form, just include information suggested on the form or as little as needed to correct or update a household listing.  If a household is not now listed, I encourage members to provide all information, which they are completely comfortable having published.

Information is constantly changing and sometimes sensitive: births, adoptions, young adults leave home, deaths, marriages, and dissolution of marriages.  Please double-check numbers and spelling.

 Send address changes/updates  as follow:

 By E-mail to:   Subject: Directory Update

By U.S. Postal Service to:

Lew Grimes

950 Tender Drive

Apex, NC  27502

 Again written changes/updates  by mail or e-mail are preferred.