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the Grimes tree connection at  is a cool tool for kindred,

beyond "chatting" with kindred: it's

 my space Grimes style.

- potential features of "the Grimes tree net" modeled -



April 27, 2008


June 28, 2006 


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                                 Subject: MY SPACE GRIMES STYLE




The purpose of is to inform family members and to nurture family ties: sharing information, good times and bad times, among kindred and developing and strengthening ties across generations and across time and distance barriers among family members and branches.  And, to reach out to kindred beyond the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902).



Almost any activity promoted among kindred by this website meets that criterion.

I envision the “net” as a way to reach across generations and across family branches and to involve young people in the legacy and activities of the extended Grimes family.

"If this (effort) succeeds in arousing in my younger relatives, an interest in their antecedents and an ambition to become their worthy successors, I shall be happy and shall consider my efforts well worthwhile.  And to all my relatives, past, present, and future, this record is happily and lovingly dedicated."  Rufus Grimes, on page II of his book

Potential features of "the Grimes tree net:" one model  For twenty-five plus years Jim Tyson has kept an unofficial address book of the Class of 1959, Cary High School, on his own website: most class members have willingly cooperated and some participation has been enthusiastic.  Class members notify Jim of address changes and he notifies members with e-mail of those changes and in due course updates his website.  It began as an effort to notify class members of a class reunion and it has continued to evolve.  Our 50th anniversary is in 2009.  If informed, he e-mails class members regarding illnesses and deaths within the families of class members and our teachers.  He also posts and/or e-mails obituaries.  If you visit Jim’s website, you can see what one attribute of an extended Grimes Family website could be.

Jim maintains contact information and profiles of class members; take a look at “Thomas Lew Grimes” for a chuckle.  We could do something similar on our website:

Look at the "news" and other topics (in left column) at Cary High School Class of '59 as shown at Jim Tyson’s web site

Almost all class members provide to Jim their addresses, telephone numbers, and some have provided e-mail addresses, fax numbers or other means for electronic message transmission.  My Cary High classmates are now or soon will be 66 plus years.

A mere listing of links of family members' existing web pages would be an easy and effective way to begin My Space Grimes Style: E.g., my own website at

"Grimes easy find" at is among other things, an aid to find (locate) dear friends and cohorts of the past 48 years and students, with whom we had lost contact.

Regarding our extended family, only 19 households have provided me with valid e-mail addresses, and they represent only two family branches.  Eight (8) are my own brothers, their adult children, and me.  My hopes and expectations of quick and easy family announcements by e-mail and a website were based upon my experiences with Jim Tyson’s website and exchanges with my own brothers and their children.  To date my hopes and expectations for a are largely unsupported.

Family members who have provided valid e-mail addresses for the net follow:


Bryant, Elizabeth & John; William T. Grimes Branch

Capps, Penny; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Crum, Kate & Andy; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Fisher, Carolyn; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Forbes, Joe "Buzz" & Debralee; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Grimes, Brandon; William T. Grimes Branch

Grimes, Don & Laura; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Grimes, Hannah; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Grimes, Marcus; William T. Grimes Branch

Grimes, Peter; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Grimes, Samuel “Jan” & Joan; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Grimes, Thomas “Lew” & Dottie; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Jamieson, Anna & Brian; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Rogerson, Bill & Judy; William T. Grimes Branch

Rogerson, Ed; William T. Grimes Branch

Rogerson, Paul; William T. Grimes Branch

Sullivan, Ingrid & Paul; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Wagoner, Kathy; William T. Grimes

Woolard, Lesley; Stephen L. Grimes Branch

Personal e-mail addresses are not published on our website. 

Requests for an e-mail address will be forwarded to the address's owner.

Together, we can have a super effective family alert net.  Ideally volunteers would collect and confirm information.  I envision a primary and an alternate (from different households) for Martin County, Pitt County, and Beaufort County, Emporia, Virginia, and at-large (for the rest of us).  Ideally all family branches would be represented. 

Please let me know your thoughts.

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