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2012 Grimes Family Reunion Electronic Announcement



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Please NOTE: This year the reunion is as early as it possibly can be!



the descendants of William Grimes II (1813-1902), family, family friends and guests


as always our reunion is on the 4th Sunday of June:

this year on June 24, 2012


again this year it is arranged at the Ruritan building

at 205 Ayers St Everetts, NC


chairman of this year's reunion and related business is:


Primary contact & Chairman:

D. W. "Don" Grimes

(O) 903 Kildaire Farm Road

      Cary, NC  27511

(O) 919-469-5443

(O) Fax 919-469-5657

(H) 919-303-7328



assisting & alternate contact:

T. L. "Lew" Grimes

919-249-7020 days and evenings


Please bring:

- your favorite, customary potluck contributions: ice tea, a covered dish, etc.

- the new mailing & e-mail addresses of any extended family members, attending or not,

- and cash/check for expenses (building rental, et al) and donations


(09:30 The building will be open not later than 09:30 AM)

10:00 Activities including:

- visit with kindred, sign in, setup tables, ready the hall

- questions answered regarding the "Grimes (family) tree " website at

12:00 Dinner - potluck

01:00 Family Reunion Business meeting

•• Roll call, celebrate new and departed members PLEASE notify Don Grimes of these events.

•• We need someone to step up to take, keep and read the minutes. (Gladys Tice's 1992-1999 minutes are online.)

•• Determine a chair for 2012.

•• Please assist Lew Grimes's effort to maintain a current address (e-mail address, too) of living members of the Grimes clan. E-mail addresses are not published online.  Please review the current list at and notify Lew of changes. Bring changes to the reunion or otherwise notify Lew at


•• Board members, Spring Green Preservation Fund (Fund) will report on the Fund’s highlights, provide the treasurer’s report, and make an appeal for donations. (Donations to the Fund are tax deductable: so you may prefer a check.)  The direct predecessor organization of the Fund was a spin-off of our own Reunion.  The predecessor organization was led by our late Ernie Capps.


    The Fund desperately need your help.  The Fund needs to raise about $3,000 to replace the southern exposure half of the roof; beginning last spring (2010) shingles from the south side have been found on the ground.  Ideally we would replace the whole roof, but that's an unlikely option.


     All are welcome to attend the annual meeting of the Spring Green Preservation Fund, Inc. in September 2012.


     More at


     Hope to see you the 24th!


    First posting on June 30, 2011